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Apocalypse 100% Drop Rate
Apocalypse 100% Drop Rate
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Apocalypse 100% Drop Rate

Other name: Mori Jianglin: Baibei Bao Lv Dao Dao Bao Wuzi; Mòrì Jiànglín: Bǎibèi Bào Lǜ Dāo Dāo Bào Wùzī; 末日降临:百倍爆率刀刀爆物资; 末日降临:百倍爆率刀刀爆物资


Lin Ziluo was reborn and returned to the day before the apocalypse game was about to descend, betrayed by his girlfriend, bonded the “apocalypse game cheat system”, got the 100% item drop rate, and embarked on the road of revenge! But… this apocalypse seems to be different from what he thought…?



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