Astral Pet Store

Astral Pet Store

超神宠兽店; Chāo Shén Chǒng Shòu Diàn; Super God Pet Shop
In the era of astral pets, only the might of pets was essential! However, making the pets stronger has always been a slow and arduous process for pet warriors. That was until the appearance of a mysterious pet shop that changed everything!

The weakest skeleton could slay a great golden dragon with a single strike after training at this pet shop! Even the humble watchdog of the shop possessed ten legendary skills, and the female worker in the shop claimed to be a Goddess...

As for what the shopkeeper Su Ping thinks: I'm merely training these cute pets to become exceptional overlord beasts. What? Is it not normal?
- - -
In the era of beasts, pet strength determines everything! The battle pet master works hard and slowly to improve the strength of the pet. Until a mysterious pet store came out of nowhere!

In just a few days of cultivation, the lowly skeleton can kill the golden dragon with a single slash. Does the guard dog have ten secret skills of pet beats? The working girl even calls herself a god...

As for the owner, Su Ping: Isn't it a regular practice to breed cute pets into prehistoric king beasts?
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Published: 10M ago
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