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Chaoji Wanjia
Chaoji Wanjia
Chaoji Wanjia
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Chaoji Wanjia

Other name: Super Player; Chāojí Wánjiā; 超级玩家; Chaoji Wanjia


After the cataclysm, the aura recovered, monsters gone rampant and humans struggled to survive in the safe city. In this crisis, A genius scientist invented a game called “Sky Imperial Palace”. The game collects aura and converts it into energy. Since then, mankind has started the era of national games. The order is reorganized and the hierarchy is strict. Question arise, is “Sky Imperial Palace” really the salvation of mankind? Player Xiao Ce accidentally obtained the “Vermilion Bird” system, connecting the game and reality! From that point, the two worlds became vertical and horizontal. Then he finally saw…



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