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Emperor LingTian
Emperor LingTian
Emperor LingTian
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Emperor LingTian

Other name: 凌天神帝; Heavenly Divine Emperor Ling ; To Revenge, Divine; 凌天神帝~神界最強師匠の転生~; High Overlord


Ling Jian Chen, the master of the God-Emperor, is reborn as a mortal, and he has started an unbeatable life that defeat everyone against him! Genius? Even the God-Emperor is my student. Talking about genius and masters? Even the God-Emperor serves me with respect in order to receive my words of guidance, are you as unbeatable as me? Beauties? Have you ever heard of the most beautiful goddess in the Divine Realm? She has tried everything to stay with me… Everyone in heaven, listen to my orders, I'm the one and the only in all the eight realms in heaven.



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