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Emperor’s Domination
Emperor’s Domination
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Emperor’s Domination

Other name: 帝霸; The Tyranny of the Emperor; Di Ba; Imperador Primordial; Emperor's Domination; Đế Bá; Emperor Is Back; Dì Bà; Emperor Domination


The rise of revered cultivators has been witnessed for countless years. However, the eyes of the world fail to notice that, behind every cultivator, there seems to be a mysterious… Yin crow. After the Yin crow guided a legion of young cultivators to the peak of cultivation and established a sect, he chose to leave and abandon it. Thousands of years have passed since his departure, and circumstances have changed. The once brilliant sect was left in shambles and vulnerable to imminent danger. Aware of the impending downfall, the Yin crow returned as a young boy in order to fulfill his agreement to guard and restore the sect to its former glory. --- **Links:** - Alternative Raw (AC QQ) - Alternative Raw (BiliBili)



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