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Global Martial Artist
Global Martial Artist
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Global Martial Artist

Other name: World's Best Martial Artist; 全球高武; Global Gao Wu; Quan Qiu Gao Wu; 흙수저에서 최강 투신으로; Global Martial Arts; 覚醒したら最強闘拳師になった件; Global Master Martial; Quán Qiú Gāo Wǔ; Toàn Cầu Cao Võ; World's Greatest Martial Artist; Global High Martial Artist


Rebirth is just a starting point from reaching the peak. Intruding crypt, the rise of martial arts The main character Fang Ping gets send back 10 years into a parallel world, resembling his own in everything, but the fact that martial arts is omnipresent and necessary to gain a bright future… (Note: Story plays in 2006) Will Fang Ping reach his goal? And become a mighty Martial Artist to finance his Adorable Little Sisters Empire? Or will he fall and hit his head on a block of tofu and die…? Find it out yourself, and read the manhua!



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