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Heaven Guards
Heaven Guards
Heaven Guards
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Heaven Guards

Other name: The Supreme Being; 逆天至尊,掌阅; Against the Heavenly Lords; Lit the Supreme Being; Supremacy Of All; Ni Tian Zhi Zun; Againts the Sky Supreme ; Against the Sky Supreme; El Ser Supremo; Guardianes del Cielo; Guardias Celestiales; The Heaven-defying Grandmaster; 逆天至尊; 逆天至尊~一万の転生から帰還した王者~; 역천지존


Whoever hurts my family, kill! Whoever steals my woman, kill! How dare you pretend to be a pussy in front of me? All the more reason to kill! After all the worlds have sunk, Tan Yun finally remembers who he is - the moment I awaken, the entire world will tremble beneath my feet!"



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