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I Determine My Own Destiny
I Determine My Own Destiny
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I Determine My Own Destiny

Other name: Don't Play by Rules; I Just Don't Play the Card According to the Routine; Wǒ Jiùshì Bù Àn Tàolù Chū Pái; 我就是不按套路出牌; Saya hanya Tidak Memainkan Kartu sesuai dengan rutinitas


Jiang Beiran's journey to the Xuanlong Continent began in tragedy. He had finally gotten the system, but he had not anticipated it has its own rhythm. As a result, Jiang Beiran chose Gou, avoiding all opportunities to brag and living the practice in quiet. However, reality prevents him from salting a fish; even if he merely displays his might, he has established himself as a mystery powerhouse in the eyes of all, and he has gathered a pack of licking dogs. - - - Jiang Beiran traveled through time and space and arrived at the Dragon Continent with a miserable beginning. And when he was lucky enough to obtain the system, it didn’t work as he expected. Therefore, he chose to stay low-key, avoid any chances of showing off, and only concentrate on cultivation. However, reality didn’t allow him to be ordinary. He still became a mysterious powerful cultivator with a lot of flatterers even when he showed off his strength a bit.



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