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I Have Nine Quadrillion Simp Gold Coins
I Have Nine Quadrillion Simp Gold Coins
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I Have Nine Quadrillion Simp Gold Coins

Other name: 我有九千万亿舔狗金; I Have 90 Billion Licking Gold Coins; I Have 90 Billion Licking Gold; Ta Có 90 Tỷ Tiền Liếm Cẩu!; Wǒ Yǒu Jiǔ Qiān Wàn Yì Tiǎn Gǒu Jīn; У меня 90 миллиардов на счету; Wo You Jiu Qian Wan Yi Tian Gou Jin


Down-and-out university student Chen Yuan, devotedly pursues Goddess Lin Shutong for three years, gets kicked in the face. In his grief, he accidentally activates the “Licking Dog System” with a memory of 90 trillion Licking Dog Money, solely for licking women. The more you spend, the more you get back, and you can also obtain various attribute bonuses, transforming into a little superhero. It's called the Licking Dog System, but do I really want to be a licking dog? As long as I lick enough, I'll be the king. As long as I prove my love with enough money, I can turn the goddess into my licking dog! At this moment, Chen Yuan, who has undergone a great awakening, embarks on his life as a rich and licking dog.



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