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I Have Survived 999 Calamities
I Have Survived 999 Calamities
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I Have Survived 999 Calamities

Other name: 我渡了999次天劫; Wǒ Dùle 999 Cì Tiān Jié; Wo Dule 999 Ci Tian Jie


Zhen Hetu always thought that he was an unlucky transmigrator. After cultivating for ten years, he remained in the lowly Qi refining realm (8585520/????) and didn’t know when he would break through! His 999th heavenly tribulation is brewing above his head and it was the kind that would make even the greatest cultivators shiver in fear! It wasn’t until he took his junior sister out for an adventure that he realized… that he was too strong. --- **Links:** - Alternative raw (BiliBili) - Alternative raw (KuaiKan)



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