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I Level Up Even in Desperate Situations
I Level Up Even in Desperate Situations
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I Level Up Even in Desperate Situations

Other name: 絕境中我不斷升級; 绝境中我不断升级; Juejing Zhong Wo Buduan Shengji; In Desperate Situations, I Keep Upgrading; Leveling From the Crisis; Leveling Up in Crisis; Juéjìng Zhōng Wǒ Bùduàn Shēngjí


Number one swordsman, also known as the “Little Sword Saint” of the Ninth Star Temple, faced a tragic fate. During a battle against an onslaught of extraterrestrial beasts, his father, known as the “Great Sword Saint,” heroically sacrificed himself. In a cruel twist of fate, Sword Number One was ambushed and killed, carrying with him boundless resentment and unanswered questions. However, the wheel of destiny had other plans for him. He awoke in the body of an Earth child with the same name. Not only was this new life a lowly prisoner, but he also possessed the lowest-grade lineage of a worthless plant-based bloodline.



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