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I Rely On Plug-Ins To Hunt Gods
I Rely On Plug-Ins To Hunt Gods
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I Rely On Plug-Ins To Hunt Gods

Other name: 我靠外挂狩猎神明; Wo Kao Waigua Shoulie Shenming; Wǒ Kào Wàiguà Shòuliè Shénmíng; I Rely on Cheat to Hunt Gods


Main character Zhang Yi was betrayed by his best friend and lover, he was then reborn back to the day [Apocalypse] arrived. With his memories from his past life, Zhang Yi will challenge God at the opening. In order to gain the strength to defeat the people that betrayed him, Zhang Yi will use his knowledge to obtain a God-weapon, and begin to grow stronger and stronger, at the same time exploring the unknown secrets of the apocalyptic world…



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