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King's Game
King's Game
King's Game
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King's Game

Other name: 我是幕后大佬; I'm behind the scenes; Jogo do Rei; Controle o jogo e torne-se rei em outro mundo; 掌控游戏异界成王; Control the Game and Become King in Another World; I Am The Mastermind Behind The Scenes; 黒幕として冥界に降臨する; 회귀했더니 최강 네크로맨서; King's Game (Renshan Dongman)


Luwu, who has been running a small game website for three years, encounters a peculiar girl when he is feeling down and out. She claims that Luwu's ancestors were betrayed and persecuted in another world, and she needs him to seek revenge for them. To Luwu's surprise, the only inheritance is a ring. In his despair, he discovers that in the other world, he can create games and summon players. Can Luwu start from scratch and achieve his revenge goal as a mastermind behind the scenes, becoming the new ruler of the underworld?



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