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Left Handed Mutation
Left Handed Mutation
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Left Handed Mutation

Other name: 我的左手能异变; Devouration Evolution; 我的左手能异变; My Left Hand Can Transform Unusually; Wǒ De Zuǒ Shǒu Néng Yì Biàn; Wo De Zuo Shou Neng Yi Bian


Human genes mutate, those with extraordinary genes may gain superpowers, and those with monster genes may mutate into monsters. Xingcun, who became a monster, was awakened and later reborn after the sacrifice of the heroine. In this life, the prodigal son shall use the mutation to fight back and protect the heroine. While he may lay hidden among the supermen, and he shall secretly use his mutation to hunt monsters, seize the power of the ancient demon god, and prevent his resurrection.



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