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Other name: 签到30天一拳爆星; Signed 30 Days and I Can Destroy a Star With One Punch; After Signing in for 30 Days, I Can Annihilate Stars; Qiāndào 30 Tiān Yī Quán Bào Xīng; Qiandao 30 Tian Yi Quan Bao Xing; OP After 30 Days of Sign-in


The invasion of deities from the other dimension. 10,000 "liberators" have been chosen to enter a hidden world, where the bloodthirsty battles against demonic beasts are streamed live for the whole world to see. Chu Mo: -What the fuck?! -I'm useless on the side of these powerful people! -It's a crime to put a normal person to fight a demonic beast! "Active registration system." Registration Reward - Day 1: The power of a 1000 year old demonic beast. Registration Reward - Day 2: The legendary God of War experience in combat. .... .... W-what? Will I become like Saitama with the 30th day reward?! --- **Links:** - Alternative raw (Kuaikan) - Alternative raw (AC QQ)



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