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Martial Arts Reigns
Martial Arts Reigns
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Martial Arts Reigns

Other name: Võ Đạo Độc Tôn; Wudao du Zun; 武道独尊; Wu Dao Du Zun; Supreme Master of Martial Arts; 무도독존

Age warning: "Martial Arts Reigns" may have content and images that are not suitable for your age. We will not be responsible for relevant if you ignore this warning.


True Heavens Continent is a place where those with great power can move mountains and overturn seas, kick the stars and step on the moon, punch through the sky and even shatter the earth itself! Ye Ming, a commoner born into a side branch within his family, sincerely and diligently tried to become stronger, hoping to avenge his parents’ deaths. As fate would have it, he obtained the "Divine Spirit Cloak", ingested the "Foundation Establishment Divine Pill", and cultivated the "Omnipotent Sutra". With his newfound power, Ye Ming begins his path of vengeance, mercilessly slaughtering any martial artists that dare stand in his way!In the face of deadly threats all across the continent, such as the Immortal Dynasty, the Great Eternal Sect, the Giant Barren Demon, and the Supreme Demon God, Ye Ming is determined that nothing will stop him! Whether god or demon, Ye Ming fears nothing! “I shall be the one who decides my own destiny!”



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