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My Disciples Are All Hot Badasses
My Disciples Are All Hot Badasses
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My Disciples Are All Hot Badasses

Other name: Apprentices Are All Demoness; Apprentices Are All She-Devil; My Apprentices Are All Female Devils; 徒弟都是女魔头; Все мои ученицы - дьяволицы!; Tu Di Dou Shi Nv Mo Tou; My Disciples are all Devils; Todas mis Aprendices son Mujeres Demoníacas

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With the help of a powerful system, a cultivator has become the supreme demon emperor. However the system put him in a coma. As three hundred yeas have past, he is awaken by the system and is offered a chance to change his fate. His first mission is to find his 108 disciples in the last life. My hot disciples!



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