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My Sister Is A Superstar
My Sister Is A Superstar
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My Sister Is A Superstar

Other name: 我的姐姐是大明星; Kakakku Adalah Seorang Bintang; My Elder Sister Is the Great Celebrity; My Elder Sister Is the Superstar; Wǒ De Jiějiě Shì Dà Míngxīng


What? My elder sister, who is lazy, charming, and abusive, is not born of the same parents as me? What? She wants to be a Superstar, but fortunately, I have a system and a cheat. Help remove all obstacles in her way! What? My parents asked me to help solve her single status problem, but I’m still single! Why don’t you guys care for me? ! The system said: I think the two of you are quite suitable, and I will match you guys up. I won’t do it, As a brother, I will protest against it! --- **Links:** - Alternative Raw (Bilibili) - Alternative Raw (IQIYI)



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