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No More Money, Please
No More Money, Please
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No More Money, Please

Other name: 今天开始当首富; Be Mr. Billionaire From Today; Become Rich Today; Become the Richest Man Today; Starting Today as the Richest Man; 오늘부터 FLEX


Lin Tian, a college loser, lives in poverty. After he happened to help the weak who were bullied by local vulgar rich people, he accidentally acquired a system and lived a "painful" life of being forced to spend money. Since then, he has been forced to spend money every day and is always distressed that he cannot spend all his money. "Alas, there is still a hundred million left to spend, and I will be punished again. Hopefully they will go easy on me this time!" - Lin Tian shook his head and looked depressed. "Damn, look at him, showing off again. Can't spend all your money? Just give it to us, and we will help you!" - said the inner voice of everyone else...



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