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Rebirth After A Thousand Years
Rebirth After A Thousand Years
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Rebirth After A Thousand Years

Other name: 躺平的我,孙女们都是超级狠角色; I Lie Flat, My Granddaughters Are All Super Ruthless Characters; Tǎng Píng De Wǒ, Sūnnǚmen Dōu Shì Chāojí Hěn Juésè; Strongest Player Returns After A Thousand Years; Tang Ping De Wo, Sunnvmen Dou Shi Chaoji Hen Juese


After a thousand years, Qi Guan Xiaojian, who had previously saved the world, was reincarnated. He hoped to rely on his generations to have peaceful lives filled with cola, fried chicken, and video games. Can he actually achieve his goals?



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