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Rebirth of God Level Prodigal System
Rebirth of God Level Prodigal System
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Rebirth of God Level Prodigal System

Other name: 重生之神级败家子; Kelahiran Kembali Anak Boros Tingkat Dewa; Chong Sheng Zhi Shen Ji Baijiazi; Rebirth of God-Level Prodigal; Chóng Shēng Zhī Shén Jí Bàijiāzi; Rebirth of God-Rank Spendthrift; Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal; Renacimiento del prodigio divino


"If I don't squander, wouldn't that be a waste of my parents' money-earning talents?" Although Hong Dali said that, he actually harbored other thoughts. The only fortunate thing that happened to him after he transmigrated into a weak and feeble body was that he gained a "Prodigal" System. By squandering, he could enhance his body's functions, say goodbye to the walking stick, and ascend to the peak of his life! By squandering, he would remain the useless prodigal that everyone looked down on... But say goodbye to the dumb Hong Dali from the past. Now, he's going to attack while they're unprepared!



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