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Rebirth of the Great God
Rebirth of the Great God
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Rebirth of the Great God

Other name: Reborn to Be a Great God; Rebirth of the Almighty Cultivator; Rebirth of the Great God; Rebirth of the Great God Cultivator; Rebirth I Am The Great God; 重生之我是大天神


The Nine-heavens Crystal brought Lin Haotian back to life. In this life, he is Lin Que, a son of a declined family. One of his father's friend took him in and wanted to marry his daughter to him. However, his wife and daughter clearly hate his decision and make his life hard. Lin Haotian, now called Lin Que, decides to leave and regain his cultivation again. Although he is far weaker than before, he is incredibly strong in the eyes of ordinary people. They regard him as "Mr. Immortal." So what his life will be in the earthly world? Can he figure out the mystery of the Nine-heavens Crystal? Please do not call me "Mr. Immortal." I'm just an ordinary cultivator. --- The God of Heaven, also known as "Lin Hao Tian." He is an immortal genius. He was killed jointly for threatening the status of many fairy lords. At the end of the day, he worked hard to break free from the shackles of time and was born again as a boy. This life will certainly be rewritten and returned to the top of the universe. --- **Original Web Comic:** AC.QQ, BiliBili Manhua, Dongman Manhua, IQIYI, KuaiKan Manhua, Mkzhan, U17, Zymk **Official Translations:** * English: BiliBili Comics, INKR



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