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Reborn As A Monster
Reborn As A Monster
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Reborn As A Monster

Other name: Chóngshēng Wéi Guàishòu Shénme Guǐ; Rebirth to Be Mythical Creature as What Monster?; 重生为怪兽什么鬼


Lin Yuan, who died in a car accident, accidentally traveled to a parallel world and became a monster with a sign-in system! Check in at the Mariana Trench and reward “devouring power”! Sign in at extreme abyss Island and reward “Explosive Breath”! Sign in in the Arctic Icefield and reward “Red Lotus Form”! Check-in in the Amazon Rainforest and reward “God of Destruction Form”! However, Lin Yuan, with the idea of not being born without invincibility, signed in silently on extreme abyss Island for thirty years… Thirty years later, an alien ship came to attack the earth? The Dark Titan had collected all six World Destruction Gems? Alien monsters invaded? Was the dark universe trying to destroy human civilization? Lin Yuan: "I'II just ask, who can handle my ultimate red Iotus bursting breath!"



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