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Seclusion With Apprentices
Seclusion With Apprentices
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Seclusion With Apprentices

Other name: 隐居十万年,后代请我出山; 隐居十万年; Coming Out Of Seclusion After A Hundred Thousand Years; Coming Out Of Seclusion After A 100000 Years


One hundred thousand years ago, the old ancestor of the Forgotten Immortal Sect Chen Xuan who was once known as a peerless existence in the world, retires himself from the limelight, little did anyone know that the reason behind this was that he could no longer breakthrough due to the malfunction of his system. One day, a female disciple of the clan’s Lineage prays for His help, which causes the system to successfully reboot… As long as he cultivates his descendants, he can continue to get stronger and can continue to rule the world For Ages! A Supreme Emperor, who has been in seclusion for 100,000 years, has come out with a brand new System at his disposal…



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