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Son-in-Law Above Them All
Son-in-Law Above Them All
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Son-in-Law Above Them All

Other name: THE BEST HUSBAND EVER; 役立たず婿養子の逆襲; The Kept-Man Strikes Back; Revenge Planned For Ten Years【The Best Husband Ever; 인생 역전; Diyi Zhuixu; First Son in Law; Chàng Rể Đệ Nhất; El Mejor Marido de La Historia; Le Mari Immortel Dans La Ville Menantu Laki-laki Pertama; 第一赘婿; Revenge Planned For Ten Years; แต่งเขยเข้าบ้าน


Qin Li, whose parents have disappeared, has been practicing silently for ten years after receiving the secret exercises of a mysterious old man. After marrying Chu Chingyin who is a sexy wife, he tasted the warmth of the world. After ten years of success, he began to counterattack!



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