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Soul Slayer Chronicles
Soul Slayer Chronicles
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Soul Slayer Chronicles

Other name: 我一剑斩魂,修三千大道; I Kill Souls With One Sword and Build Three Thousand Avenues; Wǒ Yī Jiàn Zhǎn Hún, Xiū Sānqiān Dàdào; 我一劍斬魂,修三千大道; Wo Yi Jian Zhan Hun, Xiu Sanqian Dadao


Jiang Xiaobai, a sickly youth, ventures into the mountains in search of medicine. Through a series of twists and turns, he unexpectedly becomes a menial servant in an immortal sect. Accidentally acquiring a mysterious black sword, he carves out a unique path of cultivation. By slaying demons, he refines their souls, swallowing mountains and rivers, yet tainted by their allure. By slaying alchemy cultivators, he concocts pills in sacred cauldrons, possessing the miraculous ability to restore life. By slaying scholars, he crafts talismans with his hands, transcending the ordinary. By slaying Buddhas, he purifies heaven and earth, untouched by worldly dust. From then on, Jiang Xiaobai soars to the skies, even the forbidden zone’s great demons willingly acknowledge his dominance. Even the sect’s venerable ancestors, humbling themselves, bow to him as their master…



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