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The Great Demon King
The Great Demon King
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The Great Demon King

Other name: 神级大魔头; 开局满仇恨,我靠嘲讽升级成神; The Great Godly Demon; Shen Ji Da Mo Tou; Shén Jí Dà Mó Tóu


The countless martial artists were gnashing their teeth at Xia Ping, wanting to bury him in the ground. Xia Ping, in response to the hatred of so many people, calmly pulled forth the “Super hatred System” interface and looked at the various goodies on it, rubbing his chin: “I’ve accumulated so many values, I don’t know whether to exchange for the Sacred Pill Chaos Pill, or the supreme martial art Rulai Palm, or the divine weapon Qiankun Cauldron, what a worry. “



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