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The Strongest Peach Blossom
The Strongest Peach Blossom
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The Strongest Peach Blossom

Other name: 最强桃花运; Zui Qiang Taohuayun; Super Peach Blossom Luck; The Strongest Pick-Up System

Age warning: "The Strongest Peach Blossom" may have content and images that are not suitable for your age. We will not be responsible for relevant if you ignore this warning.


Lu Dequan, a poor college student with excellent academic performance and excellent academic performance, suddenly “becomes” to become a descendant of Huaxian, and has various special abilities that are conducive to picking up girls. It’s just that he hasn’t practiced the “Taoyun Collection” and he must cleanse himself. Once he has close contact with women, he will die on the spot. The only way is to gather the true love of different types of top-notch beauties and cultivate the highest realm of the collection. At the same time, there are also the night-evil clan with strange behaviors who have repeatedly shot … and see the pure male college students, what is the adventure after having the strongest peach blossom? !



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