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The Supreme Master
The Supreme Master
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The Supreme Master

Other name: 最强主宰; Zui Qiang Zhu Zai; Zuì Qiáng Zhǔ Zǎi


Hong Zheng was born a genius with ancient divine blood, but he was framed to death by his childhood sweetheart and best friend and was robbed of his divine blood. Ten years later, he comes back to life with the power of dragons. Going Through the Dragon body metamorphosis and cultivating golden bones, he becomes invincible once again! This time, he will trample on all of his enemies to death! “I will kill all those who offend me and defies my will! As the Dragon Emperor, I will reign supreme in all the heavens and earth!” English Translations: Season 1 on INKR Comics: Season 2 on INKR Comics:



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