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The Treasured Sakura Tome
The Treasured Sakura Tome
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The Treasured Sakura Tome

Other name: Taohua Baodian; 桃花宝典; How to Get Lucky!; Peach Blossom Collection; Casanova's Tome; Buku Keberuntungan Cinta; How To Get Lucky; Peach Blossom Bible; Peach Blossom Tome; Peach Collection; Đào hoa bảo điển; Коллекция персиков; 도화경

Age warning: "The Treasured Sakura Tome" may have content and images that are not suitable for your age. We will not be responsible for relevant if you ignore this warning.


On the day before his death, Lin Feng is given a mysterious tome from the deity of love. Using it, he gains all sorts of supernatural abilities and skills from it to enjoy life to it’s fullest potential.



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