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The Unyielding Ancient Cultivator
The Unyielding Ancient Cultivator
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The Unyielding Ancient Cultivator

Other name: Shi Shang Zui Qiang Lian Ti Lao Zu; The Strongest Body Old Ancestor In History; The Strongest Body Refiner in History; Shǐ Shàng Zuì Qiáng Liàn Tǐ Lǎo Zǔ; 史上最强炼体老祖; The Strongest Grandmaster of Body-strengthening Cultivation; El Antepasado del Refinamiento Corporal Mas Fuerte de la Historia; El Refinador de Cuerpos Más Fuerte de La Historia; 史上最強の老祖; 선조귀환; The Grandmaster of Body Cultivation

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A Hundred Thousand of both Gods and Demons refine their own bodies to its finest and its peak, Ten Thousand Demons would then reforge their own bodies with Mystical Herbs, all of them would then come together to pierce the Nine Heavens, wreak havoc to the balance of Yin and Yang, and become the strongest being there ever has been! This is the story of the mysterious cultivator, Yè Cangxuán, the strongest cultivator there ever has been in history. He descended onto the lower realms after his battle with the Deities of the Heavens which caused great chaos between the Nine Realms. However, he was reborn miraculously, along with his memories in a mortal's body. "Now, I shall become the unparalleled existence there has ever been, and no god will be on par with me! I'll consume all the godly pills there would be in this world, spread my fame across JiangHu, and pierce the boundaries between heaven and earth!" This is the beginning of the greatest cultivator's bloodbath!



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