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Tomorrow’s Disaster
Tomorrow’s Disaster
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Tomorrow’s Disaster

Other name: Tomorrow Catastrophe; Besok Bencana; 明日之劫; Tomorrow's Disaster; 怠けものガーディアン; The Coming Doomsday

Age warning: "Tomorrow’s Disaster" may have content and images that are not suitable for your age. We will not be responsible for relevant if you ignore this warning.


Due to a monster invasion, humans have become in danger/ in this era a “prodigy” was born. The “prodigy” said don’t! Don’t pull me up! I’m telling you the truth, i study better lying down! This is called effectively learning! I’m not sleeping! Laziness is human nature. If everyone can effectively make use of their laziness, they can become the top in humanity and grow smarter. --- - Original Manhua <Tencent Comics>



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