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Tun Shi Ba Da Zui Hua
Tun Shi Ba Da Zui Hua
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Tun Shi Ba Da Zui Hua

Other name: Devour It, Chomper; Infinite Devouring Flower; Reborn as a Big Mouth Flower; Renacido Como Una Flor De Boca Grande; Thôn Phệ Đi Đại Chủy Hoa; Trùng Sinh Thành Cây Gai, Ta Cắn Nuốt Mọi Thứ; Tūn Shì Ba Dà Zuǐ Huā; 吞噬吧大嘴花


A high school boy died and was reborn as a chomper. He originally thought he could bask in the sun, drink water and lie down every day, but he discovered that as a plant from another world, he was in danger of being eaten by monsters or poached by hunters to refine medicine at any time. Fortunately, he has his own "flower" system, which continuously integrates the characteristics of other plants, and eventually evolved into the guardian immortal plant of the Giant Continent. Original Webcomic



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