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Upgrade From Wild Monsters
Upgrade From Wild Monsters
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Upgrade From Wild Monsters

Other name: 从野怪开始升级; Cong Ye Guai Kaishi Shengji; Cóng Yě Guài Kāishǐ Shēngjí; Wild Monster's Level Up Spree


After Lu Chen entered the cranial neuron quantum transferring game《Empyrean God Realm》—he found himself stripped of his human character, becoming the weakest wild monster in the game, a "Weak Gnoll." Facing players who are ready to use him to level up, Lu Chen lifts the broken Gnoll club and starts to upgrade from a Lv.1 Gnoll. As Lu Chen keeps on killing more and more species, gaining new talents, and levelling up talents, his status keeps getting enhanced. Normal, Strong, Super strong... Soon enough, he...



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