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Urban Legend Maker
Urban Legend Maker
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Urban Legend Maker

Other name: Wǒ, Chuàngzàole Dūshì Chuánshuō!; 我,创造了都市传说!; I, Created Urban Legends; I Created an Urban Legend; I Created an Urban Legend!; Urban Legend Chronicle!; Wo, Chuangzaole Dushi Chuanshuo!; Ta Sáng Tạo Truyền Thuyết Đô Thị; Ta Ở Tokyo Sáng Tạo Truyền Thuyết Đô Thị; Ta, Sáng Tạo Ra Đô Thị Truyền Thuyết

Age warning: "Urban Legend Maker" may have content and images that are not suitable for your age. We will not be responsible for relevant if you ignore this warning.


The protagonist Yuan Zhenji crossed to the parallel world of Jiangshi, and found that this world was full of various horror and weirdness, and ordinary humans were as fragile as paper in front of them. He used a notebook called "Urban Legend Records" to create urban legends that affect reality, punish criminals and contain weirdness, absorb the weird rule ability "use magic to defeat magic", and become a monitor who fights against weirdness, and fights with his partners against the coming doomsday-level weirdness...



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