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You Don't Decrypt at All, Do You?
You Don't Decrypt at All, Do You?
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You Don't Decrypt at All, Do You?

Other name: Nín Wánquán Bù Jiěmì Shì Ma?; You Don't Decrypt It at All, Do You?; You're Not Decrypting It at All, Are You?; 《您完全不解密是吗?》; 您完全不解密是吗?; 您完全不解密是吗; Nin Wanquan Bu Jiemi Shi Ma?; Decryption Game


Google Translated: The spooky game "Paradise" invades the real world, randomly selects humans to become players, and forces a live-action escape room game. As one of the players, the system prompted him that the game has no death rollback, cannot rebuild the trumpet, and does not have any customs clearance strategy, and if he wants to survive, he can only follow the game prompts to decrypt it with difficulty. Zhu Wen took out a match, and ten minutes later, everywhere he went, ghost NPCs were mourning, the game map was full of grass, and bugs were all over the ground.



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