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Zhege Fanpai Youdian Liangxin, Danshi Bu Duo!
Zhege Fanpai Youdian Liangxin, Danshi Bu Duo!
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Zhege Fanpai Youdian Liangxin, Danshi Bu Duo!

Other name: Villain: My Brother Is The Chosen One; This Villain Has a Little Conscience, but Not Much!; This Villain Has Some Conscience, but Not Much!; Zhège Fǎnpài Yǒudiǎn Liángxīn, Dànshì Bù Duō!; 反派:我的弟弟是天选之子; 这个反派有点良心,但是不多!; Nhân Vật Phản Diện Này Có Chút Lương Tâm, Nhưng Không Nhiều


Qing Feng accidentally transmigrated to ancient times and became an overlord, the master of the Qing family. He thought that he could finally live a life where he’d have everything just by lying down. Who would know that his twin brother is the “legendary chosen one” and he’s the “destined villain”? To survive, he can only work hard with the help of the system! [Ding Dong detected that the host smacked the chosen one’s ass. 100 villain points acquired] [Ding dong, congratulations, host, on triggering the mission, tease the bathing Bi Yu. reward 200 villain points.] Hehehe Sometimes being a villain doesn’t seem like a bad idea.



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